Deep web horror stories


I stared at my bright computer screen my eyes felt heavy and my fingers trembled nervously with each key press we had already been awake for more than five days during which time 28 players had died. “I don\'t want to die though” it\'s typed into the chat. “I\'m not so sure you will there\'s only the two of us left”. I can\'t keep this up much longer the game had seemed so simple a competition to see who could stay awake the longest and the winner would receive enough money to last a life time for someone like myself without a social life nor a job to attend it was the perfect opportunity 30 Clues had received an invitation all active participants of an international darkweb forum we were just required to fill in some necessary information including a Bitcoin wallet to where the money would be sent after clicking submit. I was given a time and a list of simple rules to follow number.

 1. Both your web camera and microphone must be activated for the entire duration of the competition number

 2. There won\'t be any bathroom breaks plan accordingly number

3. You\'re not allowed to seek out thephysical location of the othercontestants number 

4. There can only be one winner 

As I eagerly awaited for the first bit of excitement I\'ve seen in months I stocked up on the necessary supplies mostly energy drinks snacks and a bucket. Once the time of the competition started I click the provided link. I was faced with a blank screen consisting of 30 names and a chat box where I could gain access to each of the competitors camera feeds by clicking on the user name but the chat itself was global. “I guess no one here speaks English?” insomnia 90 said. A few of the participants responded with broken sentences it seemed that out of the thirty members of the chat only myself and insomnia 90 were native speakers. Two days went by in the blink of an eye and seven players had already left the game in silence I spent most of my time watching movies and chatting to insomnia 90 who had come to know as Luis he was a Canadian University student onbreak bored out of his mind. “Hey checkout the German guy he\'s about to pass out” Luis said. I clicked on his username it would be the first participant we\'d actually see falling asleep his eyes were already half closed and his body shifted towards the edge of his chair we chuckled at the guy as we got one step closer to victory. Not long after his consciousness wandered off the edge and he fell into a deep pit of sleep only a second passed before his eyes shot back open in a horrified panic as he clutched his ears and screamed in agony. His body started shaking uncontrollably in all the wrong directions and blood poured from his nose and ears it looked as if his brain had been scrambled to pieces inside his own head within a minute he fell over dead his face softly resting on the keyboard. “Wtf was that!?” I asked, “is he dead.\" Luis replied “check the Swedish one” I said sure enough he drifted off no more than a minute earlier suddenly his eyes shot open and he sees just like the German had before him another minute and he just added to the rapidly growing pile of the corpses we warned the others as best we could only a few of them seem to get the message each getting out from their chairs in an attempt at fleeing alas no sooner had they decided to run before they drop dead on the floor. “Oh!Oh! Godwe\'re gonna die homie!” Lewis said. “I guess only the winner survives” I typed. Back three days past during that time we made numerous attempts at contacting the outside world phone calls,emails,messages they were all blocked. Lewis and I were the only players left keeping each other awake as we searched and despair for a way out I already ran outof supplies so if sleep deprivation didn\'t get me dehydration would then I noticed that Lewis hadn\'t spoken in a few minutes. “Lewis no!” I called out to no avail he had already died as he left the game. I was declared the winner twenty nine people had to hide and I was gifted an unfathomable amount of cash. Since then I\'ve been searching for Lewis\'s family even if they were close I want them to know that he was a good person up untilthe end I\'m so sorry I wish it had been me….

Stay tuned for me….


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