What comes to mind when you hear the word freedom? What do you think is the reason why it does run out when you open the gates? I think some people who have experienced the lockdown effect know what makes the dogs run out.


Dogs are adorable creatures, and we all know that a dog is man\'s best friend. Well, the adage that states \"as faithful as a dog\" was just on point. As long as you treat them right, they will be faithful to you. From pet dogs to guard dogs and then the sniffer ones, well, they are used in search parties by Special Forces to sniff drugs, criminals, or other illegal stuff. 

However, these creatures won\'t hesitate to leap out once you leave your gate open.  Maybe you\'re going to work, and you forgot to lock the gate. Your dog would walk or run out freely, \"to look for you.\" \\cars and, well, we don\'t want to imagine the sad thing that happens next. 

Moreover, they might be looking for mates. It’s that mating season, and you forgot to lock your gate.  Your dog grabs this opportunity, and the next time you take her to the vet for a checkup, he or she is like, “Wow, congratulations, your dog is expecting some puppies!\" You are shocked but happy, and you probably won\'t remember that you contributed by leaving the gate open. If it’s a Rottweiler or Boerboel, well, your friends will waste no time to start booking them to buy them. These breeds are costly, especially when you have the right market for them, and you would gain. This could be an excellent investment.

Finally, your dog might be running out to explore. You\'ve caged them and only let them out to guard your homestead at night, or maybe to walk them once in a while. Then this once you leave your gate open. They will want to explore and utilize this freedom, and well, who knows, they might end up causing more harm than good. Guard dogs tend to think that everyone apart from their owner is terrible, and we all know what that means when they meet you on the pathway. 

Sadly some of these dogs forget their way back home and get lost. If you\'re lucky enough, the animal control will rescue them.  However, in most cases, the dogs just won\'t come back. The worst thing is when they find someone who tends to pamper them more or treat them better than you do. Well, unless this guy goes out to look for the owner, you might never set your eyes on your dog. 

To avoid this, train your dog to stay home. Proper training ensures that your dog is disciplined. Let them avoid the gate like the plague. Each time they stand at the entrance and hesitate to walk out and instead go back inside, reward them. Give them dog biscuits or pay them in any other way. Gradually, they will learn to avoid the gate, except when taking them out for a walk.