• 2020-10-16 22:10:30
  • Julianaaa
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I have heard people say that they are not good in marketing. Whenever they get a new product they tend to choose something like delivery and avoid the marketing docket at all costs. What if I told you that brand promotion, better yet marketing, is one of the easiest post to work on in an organisation? 

Let us take a look at petrol stations for example. I mean, they all offer car fuel, whether diesel or unleaded. However, what makes a car owner choose Total over Shell or Shell over Total? It all narrows down to the branding. People tend to look at features like customer care, the advertisements and the appearance. Price plays a very small role. 

First of all you have to create awareness. Make a brochure. The brochure should be as detailed as possible. The brochures are also not given to every Nafula, Wanjiru and Omondi, no! Brochures also have a target audience. For example if it is a restaurant and you want to offer delivery services then target a large office. You can target a bank or a SACCO. Ensure you give them the brochure as they leave the work place. This is the reason, if they have been carrying lunch or skipping lunch, then they stop the habit simply because they are now aware that lunch can be delivered.

The other feature that helps in brand promotion is the slogan. For example Naivas is known for ‘saves your money’ Tuskys supermarket: ‘pay less get more\'. All this phrases draw customers. It may be simple but it will be the phrase that will take your business to the next level.

Social media. People spend their day on their phones. When you create a social media page, do not expect too many likes within the first week. Social media is not something that will work overnight. If you have a friend who is a socialite then well and good, they can help. If you are advertising via WhatsApp status then ensure it is consistent. Post daily and regularly.

Give aways and offers. Ensure that you have some offers. Tell your customers about your discounts. For example: 20% discount to our first five customers on Tuesday and Thursday. Such offers tend to attract customers. You will be surprised that some customers will save up and wait for offer day. 

Last but not least, listen to the customer. It is an indirect form of branding. If they give a suggestion look into it. That suggestion might be what other customers are waiting for. Incorporate the good suggestions and even better them. 

All this tip do not mean that there is going to be an overnight success but I am sure they might take your business to the next level if you use them when marketing.