Crumbling life,everything lying in shambles.A shaking ground,shaking hands.Everything apparently unstable.Unclear mind,hallucinations.Blurry vision,blindness.Sleepy eyes,unclear circumstances.Weak feet,feeble body,growling stomach,hopelessness and despair

When the light at the end of the tunnel goes off.Scary night awaiting you,Vast night that you can\'t fathom.When everything even your very own self scares you.When you wish to run away from your ugly ghost of a shadow.When you wish the earth to magically open and swallow you.Taking you away from your wanders.

sacred to lose,scared to gain..scared to keep.Scared of what lies ahead,Scared of where life is taking you.Sacred of everything

TRANSITION takes over,accelerating your snail pace,deporting you to new grounds,yes new heights.Embracing you,covering you in its wings.Granting your wishes,Soaring to your destiny.

TRANSITION lies in between…between sorrows and happiness,between Despair and victory……Transition