In the southern part of makonde exited a little orphan girl named Medy she used to stay with her uncle Mr. Makonde after 5yrs her was unable to raise her anymore because he had insufficient money. He opted to take the little girl to aunty Vienna who was very rich and live in the urban area the poor girl was welcomed poorly with Aunty Vienna. All this time Doty the cat was watching her. Aunty Vienna took Medy to an old room fool of rats. \"you will be staying here. This will be your room hope you will enjoy your sleeping mates ‘the rats’ she said. Medy kept mute without a word maybe because of the saying ‘ beggars are not choosers. The following morning Medy was given duty to clean the compound. She had relieved Aunty Vienna’s daughters off duty after finishing to clean the compound she dumped the litter away and immediately she was ordered by Aunty to clean the house and later wash utensils and little Medy was taken as a househelp. 


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