Giriama cultural wedding

Giriama is among the mijikenda community which are found at the coastal region of Kenya. The giriama community have their own cultural practices which are commonly shown during certain ceremonies like a wedding.

The wedding starts on Friday. The Friday ceremonony is commonly known as send off party where it takes place at the bride\'s place. The bride\'s family prepare a farewell party for their daughter as they wish her all the best as she joins another family for a new beggining.

This party beggins in the morning where the family members give the bride different gifts which are mostly kitchen where which is known as (kapu la mama) this kapu contains all the things that are required in the kitchen because they believe that a good wife is the one who is good in cooking.

At night the bridegroom and his family come to the bride\'s home to bring her something know as the (sanduku). This sanduku contains the bridal gown and shoes and all the other things that she will require on the wedding day. The bride and the groom are given their blessings by the elders and await for Saturday where the wedding is now handed over to the church.