Many people have not understood what the word “gender” means. To some people it has come to mean taking care of women\'s interests. As a result, issues concerning women receive great attention while those concerning men receive little or no attention at all.

   Gender group are influenced by society\'s expectations on how men and women should behave. Traditionally, a woman was expected to be delicate, shy, motherly and a home keeper. Men were expected to be strong, powerful and courageous.

   However, the demand of modern life, social factors and world trend have changed African gender roles. Both men and women have become bread winners. Girls are encouraged to compete with boys. Indeed, it has been proven that what a man can do a woman also can,provided she is given equal opportunities.

    But this flexibility in playing different roles has been understood by both gender groups? A generation has sprung up that seems socially confused. Some women think that being womanly is being weak. They believe that to succeed one has has to be like a man. 

 Fortunately all is not lost. There are many Noble fascinating women who juggle career, family and relationships as well. They find balance between family chores and career. Some of them provide for their offspring and even spouses. No matter what difficulties they face, they remain strong and have the power of intuition. Many men have also been able to adapt to the changes of modern living. They consult their wives as equal and are willing to help in household chores. They have also retained their family headship.

   There should therefore be no confusion about gender roles. Though all that a man can do a woman can if provided with equal opportunity, a man cannot be a woman and a woman cannot be a man. Therefore, the solution to the gender debate,let\'s embrace and celebrate our difference and complement one another instead of fighting.