• 2020-10-16 16:52:53
  • Meetch88
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  • Meetch88

Deep with you.

An ocean would never laugh if clouds weren\'t there to kiss her tears. Setting the standard by being tough but hide in the shadows of our fears. Stuck underneath the undertow, I heard all the leaves calling. You appeared and pulled me from down below to prevent me from my falling. My head swollen like barrel, your voice became my driving force. I took a glance at your apparel that dried me off from my loss. Fair as a star, the only one thing shinning in the sky. Comforted my heart of tar and raised my hopes up high. Your creatures made friends with mine and wished to be closer not a mile. Your moon shines and everything seems fine but I know beautiful things are fragile. The candle light throws two dark shadows on the wall which merge into one, and guides each other through their troubles that makes their breaths join in one. No one knows our flaws but we go through together. In the end we show of our glows despite the stormy weather. With your voice of a summer breeze, you promise we drown with our secrets deep. As we sleep to put our souls to ease, we are just still waters that run deep.