Coming up with a travel blog post ideas while at home

Sometimes friends ask me how I manage to travel so much. After all I work full-time my husband works part-time,we have two kids in school and a dog to take care of. The truth is that while we travel more than average, there\'s a reason why I write a travel blog,after all_we are not gone all the time by any stretch of the how do I come up with a travel blog post idea even when we\'re at home?

Well if you are a travel blogger, I\'m 99.9% sure you have had that same question. Sure you likely have a backlog of write-ups from past trips. But when those dry up and you\'re still tied to your home base, what do you write about?

Travel blogger friends I have your back. Below I put together a list of  10 travel blog post ideas for when you\'re not travelling.

a)how to travel with pets

b)your packing lists

C)tips for road trips

d)your favourite travel snacks

e)how to stay safe while traveling

f)how to take better photos

g)pre-trip prep

h)how to travel to a place when you don\'t know the language

I)how to plan a trip with a big group

j)the travel items you don\'t actually need

So read on to get a bunch of travel blog post ideas circulating in that beautiful brain of yours. 

Happy writing and happy travels!




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