Behavioral disorders in children


Behavioral disorder is a disruptive pattern that occurs mostly in children and especially boys.they tend to last for months and can cause problems at school, at home and in several social gatherings.The most common behavioral disorder is conduct disorder(CD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD).

The characteristics of this disorders include; short attention span,children acting out in self injurious behaviors, anxiety and fear which make them withdraw from interacting with others and poorer coping skills among others.

However, the actual cause of behavioral disorders is not known but has been associated with factors like heredity,stress,diet and brain disorders.

Furthermore, it has been discovered that behavioral disorders cannot be cured by medications but can be managed and it\'s symptoms suppressed. Therefore, one should understand children with such disorders by having time to talk to the victims, trying not to overreact to their behaviors but above all always be positive about the good things they do for them to be motivated. 😊😊


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