Was it her smooth skin and the radiant eyes,the tender voice,or was it her slender body? I couldn\'t tell what kept drawing me close to her.Or was it the innocence of her pure heart and the kindness of this soul that made me feel this type of way.Friends more than a year now bt I felt so attached like I had known her for ages and to be honest,I really adored the feeling.The vibe was different and I desired something more than friendship but the thought of loosing her if she turned out not to feel the same way drained any drop of confidence running through my veins,always leaving me speechless whenever I wanted to confess my feelings for her.I couldn\'t bare the  thought of loosing her,I couldn\'t even take the chances.Thats when I decided to keep my feelings to myself,keep my little desire as my secret.


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    Kenga ( User )
    • 2020-10-16 09:39:00

    -: I\'v liked it.