• 2020-10-12 10:26:12
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Save the youth

Save  us

  I can see  a pandemic  that is yet to come  one not like Covid -19   or any thing you have seen before. You  may be   asking yourself what I\'m talking about , so let me tell you about it .  Africa as a  continent is very blessed  with a growing number of young  people . Statistics have shown that close to75% of  Africa\'s population are the youth .   On the other hand  we can say  that  a really huge percentage of the youth are unemployed. Walk along the streets of major  cities and towns in Africa  and see how many young people you will see  most  living on the streets   due to many reason\'s  be it   running away from their home  since their families couldn\'t handle hard economic time\'s ,drunk parents who beat  them  up not willing to bare the pain of being beaten  up every single day their drunk parents come back home in the late hours of the night  they decided to leave home and end up leaving in the streets, where they are exposed to all kind of things the streets have to offer be it drugs , stealing and many More. its about time the government\'s in Africa come up with idea\'s to try and reduce this numbers if not  fully ending the problem  .