I love writing about myself. So after spending almost 2 years in Nairobi I decided to find a job, something to give me more pocket money. Luckily I had a schoolmate who was working in some marketing platform. He told me about it, taught me how to. The aim was doing sales and paid commission. I was new to this but I wanted money. I had to hustle for clients, go up and down convincing people. First month ended and I was paid a mere 34 shillings. I did not give up. I kept on telling people, try to convince them. I had to print some posters and stick around student hostels. The second month I was paid 400. This motivated me more. I kept on searching for clients and convincing people to buy the products. Now am three years in marketing but I don’t hustle for clients anymore. My clients simply refer their friends to me. Am always paid four figures every end month. This happened because of consistency and never giving up.