• 2020-10-11 21:52:33
  • Pure244
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Loyalty in networking

In networking  one has to remain loyal to his or her downlines and also upline.one should not lie to attract clients , all u require is to tell the truth about a platform then guide them the way through.This is because once u lie then they fail to get the privilages you talked about they will never trust online business and many end up saying networking is a scam as a result of that.

Loyalty to your upline is very key in networking.Once you join an online platform then your upline guides until u see u have made it, next platform you don\'t have to go for a link from somebody because is a celeb.U will join and incase you need some help in the platform those people will not help because they are always busy and you start regreting.Move with your upline until you can stand on your own.