• 2020-10-11 21:12:15
  • Lavine
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I Survived!

I have too many things on  my mind…too much I wanna talk about…no one to tell…

How do I say that inspite of everything they give me..how do I explain that I can\'t tell why I feel this alone..this broken..

I want to die…I don\'t want to die..no am sorry it happens sometimes..don\'t be scared..I am sane..just a little weird maybe out of place..

The blades..I swear am working on cutting off the urge…red seems to feel so good a sight..I want to scream I don\'t really want to die you know…how does one really not feel like feeling no more…

“Bass baass toto…it\'ll all be fine” she said..Hugging her as she left was the worst feeling I ever had.. because, because I knew that that was the last I would see her.

I was depressed.still am but well we must survive..we must fight the battles.. doesn\'t matter how many all that matters is the fact that we are our own demons.yes we can control ourselves.we will control ourselves.

Holding the blade,looking at my own reflection,the patterns I had formed on what I termed as canvas,my body,the blood slowly dripping..I felt so alive…but what did it really mean to live?

I wanted to be happy.i was going to be happy.i sigh and reach for the bin.i throw away the blade and wipe my hands.no!I wasn\'t going down that easily.

I will not die!