Photography 01

Photography, most of you or rather all of you are well conversant with the name and might have even had an experience with photograph.Well , have you ever realised the importance of the name you have just read out loud or its just a leisure activities that comes in when the need arises.The basic definition of photography might be the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface .

Photography according to my understanding and the perspective in which i view it, its an artwork that enables a photographer  to express his\\her feelings ,ideas,experiences and emtions freely without hinderance .It is also a form of telling a tale or rather storytelling via using significant props. Photography itself has genres ranging from the landscape, potraiture, fashion,product,still life , sports ,nature and wildlife , photojournalism photography just to mention a few .The choice of the genre one chooses to pursue depends on the taste , the interest and passion towards a particular field .So sit down andd decide on the field you are quite iunterested in and pursue it without fear or doubt.

Obviously there\'s no journey that misses challenges , as the saying goes a life without challenges ,a life without hardship , a life without purpose seems pale and pointless. Yes there are challenges which you should be quite prepared of .For example photography is quite expensive to accesss and also maintain .The camera ,tripods,cleaning kits and the wide range of lenses are quite expensive lenses such as the prime and telephotolenses go for quite much.Secondly there is the opinionchallenge ,this is how people judge your work moreso when you are a beginner and you\'ve not quite had a hang of your camera and your productions have small issues which are resolveable with time.The best option is to give them a deaf ear.i personally recommend that  you avoid looking at  the \"pro \"photographgers works  alot it may have its own repacautions.Do what you do at its best and have it at the back of your mind that time and practise are  very important