Moving out of your comfort zone

Moving out of your comfort zone

Comfort zone is a self imposed boundary where a person will refuse to push past.By doing so often fills him/her with nervousness and anxiety.its really easy to fall in the trap of never pushing your comfort zone.The problem with this it often prevents you from true success and happiness in life.One of the best way to grow is to test the limits of what most people consider normal to live the life you want. For example,

Get information is to break through your comfort zone, you need to first educate yourself. Your goal hear is to find out about whatever skill or activity you\'re pursuing. Talking to people who have done the same thing, reading books on the subject, checking out articles on the internet since information is power and the more you know about something, the less scary and more powerful you\'ll feel.

Have a plan by creating a plan of action for pushing the boundaries on what you think is possible. Writing down a step by step blueprint on how you\'re going to get out of your comfort zone. You star with the earliest thing to do, then you create a plan to get to each level. Furthermore, it\'s important to identify the key challenges you\'re going to face and what you\'ll do to overcome them.

Hold yourself Accountabl and in this, you want to tell your family and friends about what you\'re trying to do, or you can even find an accountability partner, or form a mastermind group. Then the person on your life will keep you on track. You want them to give you that push as you are pushing your binderies.

Once you have a plan in place, you\'ll simply start with that crucial initial action. This process is a great way to de-sensitize yourself to the feeling of anxiety. You\'re not trying to become an overnight success but in stead you\'re steadily pushing the boundaries and of your comfort level and working towards an overall goal.

Breaking out of your comfort zone gives you more opportunity  in life. Don\'t let anxiety prevent you from doing what you truly want .Attack your fears and push the boundaries of what makes feel comfortable.


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    Thomsonchep ( User )
    • 2020-10-11 10:47:30

    -: Comment here...I second that, comfort zone can limit someone from achieving his or her goals. .