• 2020-10-10 23:29:03
  • Rachel
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  • Rachel


How to be fashionable.

It is each and everyone\'s desire to look stunning since we all want to receive good complements which mostly gives us joy within ourselves today I\'m going to tell you how you can kill the looks and be elegant.


a)Be aware of the occasion.

Have you ever stepped out and everyone is all smiles 😊 whenever they set their eyes on you, you are being bombarded with questions like wow where did you get this one from I want it too, it feels great right. Being aware of the occasion is very crucial since it will help you decide on what to settle for and also reduces being under or overdressed. 


b)Make use of old but good clothes.

As crazy 😂 as it may seem this is a great idea since old is gold.Are you tired of people seeing you with the same clothes everytime you going for an event yees this when the old clothes come in really handy. Most of us have those clothes that we no longer use since we may have outgrown them but hey there is a way of modifying them . Incase you want to look really elegant and you don\'t have an idea on how to redesign the old cloth there is always the YouTube tutorials filled with a variety of different styles from different people and it\'s greatly reliable since you can\'t miss out on your preference.


c)Be an original.

Yeees this is the best 💃💃.Why? You don\'t really have to be like the superstars to be you try out with those variety of clothes you have. Most of us may not have known that it only takes two to three seconds to get the gut feeling about a person by just judging from your dress code since our dressing communicates non verbally to our audience hence being an original helps you communicate what is it you want them to learn from you.


d) Develop and change your taste.

Ever met someone dressed and you just admired and wished to be like them or rather met another one and wonder what\'s wrong with him or her. Yeah it happens pretty much often or maybe daily . At a point where you want to be classy and you do not know how, well our websites are always handy you can use Vogue runway or House of fashion and also Pinterest these are reliable sources of fashion that will help boost your choices.


In conclusion we should all try our best in developing our dressing since it boosts our confidence and helps us earn respect.