• 2020-10-10 19:54:23
  • Maurice
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Network marketing (also referred to as work from home/online business) is the most trending type of business. It is one of the most booming type of business at this period of pandemic (covid 19). People who engage in network marketing are referred to as network marketers. However, network marketers have various problems that affect their performance 


1 HOSTILITY. This leads to rejection by friends and family. This is because they have a negative attitude towards network marketing since its new to many people .The solution to the problem is just to remain firm. 

2NETWORK PROBLEMS. Due to the fact that the business operates online, network signals vary from one place to another thus affecting performance of network marketers 

3FEELING INSECURE. After receiving trolls from friends and family, networkers feel insecure. This make some of them failing in the business.