What is love? One of the most frequently asked questions and has thousands of answers. Nobody can really define it. Many people have tried to describe it based on their feelings or experiences, but we can say that: Love is not a feeling. Love is a decision we make. Love is said to be the greatest commandment and everyone has felt it in one way or another.Finding someone or something you love is the hardest thing a human being can go through.This is because Love is taught in schools neither is it bought in cash. Oftenly we love people who dont love us back which makes us judge every other love scenario from the previous expirience.What confuses us more is the fact that the ones we love dont love us and the ones that love us mostly we dont love them back.A normal person will even say\" The heart wants what it wants\".


 1.In the quest of finding love you should be ready to undergo a couple of server heartbreaks that might as well you push you to halt and make you not want love ever again. 

2.As much as you love an indvidual you should be so keen to observe all the Red flags and Flaws that come in after you two have been together for some time. 

3.\"Material relationships\"Different statstics say that love in this Decade is mesured by what the other party offers .Most people disagree but from a differ different perspective it does matter.The world s changing at a high speed and everyone wants someone to help and off load the burden of being the only one to work.

 4.In the quest of Finding your Romeo or Juliet ,you should also consider the persons previous relationship and how it did work.in most cases we jump into relationships and one party is so demanding,we occasionally find it boring but what if what he or she is demanding for she used to get on the other side? 5.In every relationship you get in make surr the person treats you the way you want to be treated ,and if he or she can not do tha avoid beating around the bush and let them go It saves everyones time and emotions. WHAT NOT TO DO

 1.Peer pressure.In the modern world people want to emmulate what others are doing.You find a couple wanting to behave like a differnt couple not knowing what the other went through to get there.This usually ends in what we can describe as \"Total Tears\"

 2.Avoid shooting your shot on people who have already showed you they can live without you.

 3.Be brave enough to speak to your patner if you feel things wont work. Incase you find that one person who lowers her or his standards to be with you at any given time,Take it as a blessing and shoot your shot from close range.