We can give more

Research has shown  the number of people undergoing depression is rising by the day, the teenage bracket being alarming. Lost job, business gone wrong, broken marriage, lost pregnancy, relationship gone sour, lost friend or family, failed exams. Name it. It\'s normal for a human being to have stress, but getting to a point of “depression” isn\'t a good sign. True, we can\'t avoid emotions, but how do we put them under control? People undergoing depression are vulnerable,very. It often ends up as a drug abuse or suicide case,something we could have avoided if we were aware of it. Now that is where it all is. We don\'t know when it happens. Most of the victims more often than not keep to themselves, either because it\'s their nature, or no one cares to show concern. Then it\'s all done and there\'s nothing we can do about it. I feel if we would have deeper conversations aside from the jokes during eat outs, or just on phonecall beside the monotonous “you okay?” or during that lunch break, we\'d save that friend. When we look out for each other,everyone\'s happy. The world\'s a beautiful piece of heaven for all of us. Just beeeds a little bit more of US to each other.