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*How to make it in online business*


**1. Save for save*

Have a target of contacts you need to save in a day, kwa mfano kila siku save at least 50 new contacts


When you need to do saves in a group have a brief text that will go straight to the point.

{Eg, Hello, save me as Loskei and DM for save back if interested}

Make sure you have a minimum of 4k contacts, hapo utakua na a wider network compare to wale wako na 100 contacts

Incase uko na 100 or less contacts haimaanishi uache kufanya kazi, do saves daily, kila msee alinunua laini ikiwa haina contacts, what you can do is to save

When you save also remember to tell them to save back

Remember when you are done saving don\'t rush to introduce your business


*2. WhatsApp stories/ status updates*


After saving what you need to do is to post about your business on your status

Upload business related issues

You need to say on how the business works, how one can earn from it.

Make your viewers to see how you benefit from the business and how you make money

Use dashboard, withdrawal and mpesa screenshot as evidence to your viewers

If you are new in the business ask your upline for evidence screenshots,

If he/she is your upline haezi kunyima kama anazo


To avoid being boring on your status, you can do any of this or even do all:


a) Limit the number of your updates per day

b) Post mature memes

c) Give out airtime, {for those who have already made money}

This may help so that you cannot be muted


Avoid posting topics that have more than one party, avoid political posts, games such as football and others

A client from the other party may be interested to business but because of your post he/she will not join under you


*3. Joining Groups*


Have a common link yenye una-attach a short summary and your number such that those interested will get to your DM with *I\'m interested*  message


When one comes don\'t rush to the business summary, introduce yourself, tell them your name and ask their name, ask them to save you as you save them you can send the summary after saving


*4. Downlines*


They play a big role because of the indirect bonus

Do follow up when you see that they are giving up, encourage them, give them a reason to continue with the business

What you post on your status matters a lot, it will also encourage them


*5. Follow up*


Remember to do follow up to those who have shown interest in the business

Don\'t do too much follow up since *utakula block*

Do follow up to those who have asked questions such as:

#what is this?

#how much joining?

#how does it work?

#is it real?

#have you earned?

#kuna pesa hapo?


*6. Referrals*


This is the most paying side in most platforms.

Remember no one is weak in referrals, you just need to do what your upline is doing to get referrals. You can decide to use the exact word he/she used or ask for other tricks

Remember to check your level 1 earnings before a  client activate his/her account, go to dashboard then earnings

If the name is there give the client an okay to activate and you will get paid automatically when activation is done


*7. General tips/ conclusion*


Your profile should be business friendly

You can tell a friend to broadcast your number to add contacts whether free or for payment

Be friendly and social to everyone

Make sure you have a big network

Don\'t play Jesus, your skills should be given to your downlines as the first priority, they are the ones that you will benefit from

Msee mwingine akitaka skills  tell them to join under you

I prefer you to be in atleast two platforms, one expensive the other cheaper

Those who have less money to join the cheap platform, those who needs large profits to join the expensive ones




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