Medicine is the field of health and healing.The main aim of medicine is to maintain and promote good health plus well being in  a population.Medicine contains two dimentions.The first one is the conventional modern medicine also called alophatic. It involves use of drugs and surgery.The second one is the alternative or complementary medicine which includes traditional healers,herbs,acupuncture, art therapy and Chinese healing.

This field contains personel like; doctors,nurses and many different specialists like gynacolosists,physicians,surgeons,physiotherapists and psychologists for the mordern medicine.For the alternative and contemporary medicine we have the herbalists,medians,traditional healers and chinese healers .It covers research of existant diseases e.g. corona virus is being researched by both medical dimensions,diagnosis of diseases,treatment and prevention of diseases for instance the administration of vaccines to prevent crucial conditions like polio and the cancer vaccine in young ladies to prevent cervix cancer.

Medicine as a field contains different subfields and aspects.The subfiels are as follows;Clinical practise.This is where the significant personels like phusicians and clinical officers get in contact with the patients asses them diagnose and give treatment.
Medical research.This included the lab managers and the reseachers work in the labs researching about a disease and prevention.
Surgery.Basically entails having the human body operated on to fix a problem
Medication.this is the field of drugs and pharmaceuticals.
Alternative medicine.Basically used by traditional healers example instead of taking headache pain killers you rest and the headache will fade.
Psychotherapy; the use of a psychiatrist to ease the memtal issues.
Physiotherapy.This field involves a physiotherapist they work on strengthening the body\'s muscles and joints that were previously weak due to old age or accidents.
There are alot more other fields coming up each and every day.

Medicine also contains different branches.They are as follows;Anatomy which deals with the study of human structure.Genetics which is the study of genes and gene inhabitants.Biochemistry which is the study of body chemical reactions.Pathology which is study of disease.Nutrition that deals with  the general body nutritional requirements.Microbiology which is the study of micro organisms.The subfields go on and on with more sprouting each day.

In conclusion,medicine in general is a field that deals with overall well being of people and besides that works on understanding alot of possibilities harmful and helpful through reaserch in helping prevent diseases and maintain good health.


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