• 2020-10-10 13:04:57
  • Imenti
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Boychild needs saving

Boychild in the society is painted to be strong,bold and a gender that can protect itself. In the contrary they as the Eve\'s gender need love protection and guidance from the society at large. It might not be uttered but they are also being molested in order to get jobs,as much as this may look as a free pass for them getting laid its affects them psychologically and emotionally. They are also being traded in marriages in order for their families to benefit. How many cases have we had men committing suicides? How many? In the news how many? Everyday there must be one if not two cases.if they were strong enough why take their own lives? why lay in dark rooms of depression? The world would be a better place if we took care of both childs and not assume one is better of themselves and the other too weak to stand for themselves. As much as we have made a great progress in the empowerment of our girls and ladies we need to give some attention to the other gender .