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Lessons Worth Sharing

No one has it all figured out.\r\nIn as much as you may feel like you\'re the only one who\'s plans are not working out, you should know that everyone else has something to work on so be patient and positive.\r\n\r\nYou don\'t have to learn everything the hard way.\r\nJust use your logic and steer yourself towards avoiding negative situations and that way you\'re sure of getting the easy way.\r\n\r\nTravelling alone is better than with bad company.\r\nThe journey of life can be very tricky. Of course there are people we want to have by our side through it. But it is better channeling it by yourself than with people who can bring you down.\r\n\r\nUnlearning is just as important as learning.\r\nIt doesn\'t matter whatever habit you may have picked along your day to day life but the moment you realize that it is not beneficial to you, you might as well as just let it go.\r\n\r\nEmbrace all of your emotions, don\'t ignore them, don\'t mask them, embrace them.\r\nIt\'s not a secret that sometimes we may feel like getting into our emotions can make us vulnerable. But ignoring them only makes the situation worse because these emotions pile up inside you and the explosion may not bring a good outcome.\r\n\r\nNo one prepares you to watch your parents grow old.\r\nWe are just so used to them but when it hits you that they are getting older you get cold feet because you know what comes next. It really deals you a hard blow but it\'s life isn\'t it. \r\n\r\nOwn up to your mistakes.\r\nIt is not embarrassing to make mistakes. No one is perfect and the only way to solve it is by accepting so that you move forward to the solution.\r\n\r\nMaturity is accepting you won\'t get answers to the things that hurt you the most.\r\nAllow yourself to heal from those tragic experiences. Dwelling on them and asking questions will only do more damage than good. \r\n\r\nOne day you\'ll need to be forgiven, so learn to forgive others.\r\nAt that time you may feel the most annoyed and betrayed so much so that you forget that being human, you are prone to mistakes and you will want pardon. So be fair to others.\r\n\r\nTo love is to be vulnerable, let your guard down.\r\nAccept all that comes with it. Allow yourself to be free and content with whatever situation your love life brings up. That way, it is easier to even solve differences. \r\n\r\nHave a good one!\r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n