Dear xxxxx,


I would like to be considered for your job offer and any other future projects that may arise. I have the knowledge and a greater understanding of accounting and finance. Prior to this, I worked on similar projects where I exceeded expectations. I have worked on Destiny insurance company and also delivered projects with success. Hire me for A-Plus work.


In case of any question regarding my application, never hesitate to reach out at the earliest opportunity.


Yours sincerely,


A good cover letter, right?… This, my dear friend, this is a graduate, who, according to his letter, with an academic prowess👩‍🎓

A bliss performance with books and a smart individual from what is quoted. This learned fellow is out there on the chase to get a job and sustain their life. This certain person invested his time, money and effort in an institution par se for a better life. Now, job hunting process got him on toes chasing the easy life and hustling hard like a drop out!

“There\'s no employment”  

The statement is very common in today\'s world. A lot of individuals look forward to get employment so they\'d have a secured income, salary to be precise. Most people get a sense of security with a guaranteed income. Do you live by that?

My point of view might differ>>>

\'There\'s so much money in this world, go get you some\'

It takes a lot to change people\'s beliefs, I\'ma point it out anyways.

There are a million options of getting an income. All a person got to do is being open minded and ready to adapt to changes, row with the boat.. The next statement might be cliché….the world is going digital and you can bet physical or manual jobs are receding because of technology and machinery. Truth be told employment will continue being unavailable as days go by.

To wrap it all, find your ways and avoid being dependent on salary. Do that overtime online, network marketing holds a lot for everyone, learn about cryptocurrency and let it be your lead, forex trading is the largest financial market in the world, unfortunately most people haven\'t given it much thought. Ignorance will have a person struggling without realizing, mental freedom comes with so much! Give it the benefit of doubt, don\'t thank me. Choose greatness.


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    Mercel ( User )
    • 2020-10-10 12:58:24

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