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Part 1

Most of you must be asking yourself what an orgy is...well,don\'t strain yourself running to google..Dun j hova is here to simplify simple English for you.


An orgy is simply and typically \"GROUP SEX\".yaah all must be wondering if i am into some group sex this time round..well,brace yourself for some \"hot readable porn\"..adios!!!!


I am not a weirdo,but am sure there are thousands of men who fantasize there wives or galfies being hammered by other guys..it is kinda sexy watching her being pounded silly by some guy..am i in this alone?


I had become accustomed over the years to men of all ages being overly nice to my gal Nancy, and not just because of her sweet disposition either. Basically, any man with a functioning dick finds himself staring at her. She’s what most would consider the true definition of a beautiful woman.she is 5′ 2″,curvy with absolutely perfect legs, perfect ass, and an unbelievably beautiful smile..ooh,did i forget that she got the tightest and yummiest of all pussies? i thought you should know.


So,i have this friend of mine called Calvin and he is always salivating and checking out my gal every time we are together.plainly,this dude \"anafisianga Nancy sana\".i severally have caught him checking out her ass.this kinda like amused me and turned me on..i mean,does it not feel good seeing guys checking out your babe? how else are you supposed to know that you got some cutey babe? uuhh?.


First of all, he loves hanging out at our home because we never treated him any less.calvin just feels comfortable around us.to make it most interesting is that,Calvin lived a floor above my apartment.so he could pop up any time he felt like.friends..right?


From first sight,he was utterly in love with my galfriend.The funny thing is,if he had treated women as he treated my wife,they would have fallen at his feet.He is actually a rather good-looking guy with a muscular build.


calvo is not the type who even knows he’s going overboard for her,but it’s so very obvious when he’s always trying to please her in everything he does.


Late one evening, around 10:30 PM,my gal Nancy was around and we had just finished watching a series called lost in space. We were both barely awake as the final episode was ending when suddenly we heard a knock on the door.Nancy instantly panicked and rolled off onto the floor in just her panties,dragging the bedspread with her to cover her breasts.


I rolled in the opposite direction and grabbed my pajamas from my wardrobe As I crept towards the door, I saw a t shirt of whom I was quite sure was calvin.I barely opened the window and sure enough, he gave a silly wave and smiled.