Every one dreams to have a rich life where you just wake up and know everything is there for you no need to think what you will have to eat because everything is there.

Most of the rich spend money recklessly don\'t know that will always be there they don\'t minimize their budget they spend like they won\'t spend again .


This is the kind of life it\'s neither rich nor poor.This is the family that uses their Cash as minimum as they could because they know if they miss use the cash they will end up sleeping with out food they also share what they have even it\'s not enough for all of them.

Their also satisfied with wat they have . Their kids also know that with the kind of life they live there something\'s their parents can\'t  get for them they appreciate with  what they have


This is the kind of life where they sleep with out food frequently.They use their Cash with alot of care they know that if they misuse it the cash they will end up sleeping with out food in the house.Some of them they don\'t have clothes to wear.many people look down on them because of their background.They have to work hard to get something.

Some of the children also do some labour so that they can earn money to buy something\'s their parents can\'t provide of Wich is childlabor.

Some they drop out of school  not because they like it it\'s because their is no capital.Some they end up stealing and some end up becoming terrorist and attack people.some end up in drugs.



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