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Moved on


They say that you face the true music of a break up

You dance energetically to the tune of a heart break

When you are done you accept everything and move forward

Yes and that\'s what I did

I faced everything directly

What you did to me is unforgivable

But I moved on

in my world you are dead

Like you never existed

Like we never met

I don\'t know you

You have become an unknown stranger

Everything erased and everything decayed

It was all fake

It was just a scum

It was just a game and you seem to win

Hail to you winner, live long to you the champion

I cant regret anything

There is more to life

You were just like a sickness

You were like a virus trying to eat me up

I have the antidote

I cant even think of you

You are a waste of energy

You are a waste of time

You are the devil himself

The devil comes in form of perfection

Perfection that is deception

You laugh like Satan himself

Cant hold you any longer

I\'m growing weak and more disgusted

I\'m tired of your changing colours

Our bond is over and its broken.


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    Zale ( User )
    • 2020-10-09 22:45:29

    -: Perfect 👌.