• 2020-10-26 21:43:19
  • Shume
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Have you ever asked yourself what\'s your worth, i mean, have you asked yourself how much do you deserve, how much can you withstand, take or give back?, cause yeah I\'ve asked myself these questions plenty of times. 

I\'ve failed countless times  either in class or lifewise and trust me it had not done me good until it dawned to me that mixed emotions are behind most patterns of self-sabotage💯. Robbins said, “if you\'ve ever found yourself taking two steps forward and one step back invariably, it\'s because you have mixed associations ;  you associate achieving your goal to both pain and pleasure”

Like i could rise from a ditch I\'ve fallen into if i tell myself i can rise 💯. Like i can recover my grades if i tell myself i can recover. Like i can afford an expensive piece of clothing if i tell myself i can💯. After a long time objection… I now believe that under the bright light of conscious scrutiny, negative associations often lose their hold on us;  awareness is always the first step 💯. 

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reasons for existence. 


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    Nashey ( User )
    • 2020-10-26 21:43:19

    -: Well said👌✔.