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The common is given wings\r\nThe broken stitched with hope\r\nThe lost are brought back gently in love\r\nAnd the grieving covered in light\r\n\r\nThe former is forgotten \r\nThe latter kept on toes\r\nThe future on the other hand is overrated\r\nAs the present keeps hasting\r\n\r\nCollective conscious\r\nDrives in fear\r\nNot just phobia but fear\r\nAnd this makes life\'s essence\r\nA clouded web of uncertainity\r\n\r\nAnd it sometimes takes a while, to admit our fears\r\nEspecially to ourselves\r\nSo we end up stuck in rooms of hopes we call \"dreams\"\r\nWe get lost in them such that we don\'t wanna be found\r\nHoping the waves outside don\'t last for a lifetime\r\n\r\nAnd so we are afraid,\r\nOf being hurt, of failure\r\nOf being humiliated, of success\r\nOf being alone, of what our hearts\' telling us\r\n\r\nWe\'re afraid of being unhappy and being too happy\r\nWe\'re afraid of not having our parents\' approval\r\nWe\'re afraid of accepting ourselves for who we are\r\nWe\'re afraid of bad health and a good future\r\n\r\nWe afraid of not having and having too much\r\nWe afraid to have hope for things we may not even have or get\r\nWe afraid of the \"inevitable change\" and not changing\r\nWe afraid of something can hurt our kids and loved ones or our jobs\r\n\r\nFunnier enough we are afraid of not having control over anything and afraid of our own power\r\nAfraid of how briefly we stay alive and for how long will we be dead rather { even after we die, we won\'t have mattered}\r\nWe also afraid of being responsible for our own lives actions and decisions.\r\n\r\n\r\nLike a clasp of a necklace\r\nIt\'s fairly a small part of life we got to deal with\r\nOne we can\'t even escape from\r\nSo darlin, stitch your confidence with little boundaries and starve those fears\r\nAnd that\'s how you get through when it gets louder in there.


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