• 2020-10-19 17:03:19
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One star falls into the sea, the splash is so real
A peasant, try na find my way to my slash of a zeal
A feeble heart I see, bears the real problems
And my mind rues all the exams.

Change, a powerful thing that\'s inevitable
We all afraid of something, often unbearable
It\'s bitter, hard to close my eyes even when I wink
Coz there\'s  tear every time I blink
And it\'s worse when you can\'t scream.

A Young heart
With a vintage of a soul
Stuck in the viciousness of it\'s dreams
Packing yesterday\'s hays in beams.

Often deprived of luxuries I merit
Still I stay glued and hold my grit
With my walls of Faith and Resilience impenetrable
I\'ll always live to see another day bearable.

Like a catholic at a confession box
Here\'s there\'s no one to judge me
Despite my many faults
Like an enslaved donkey or ox
Pulling a heavy plough behind me 
And this time imma escape the odds
These abstracts roots of change
I won\'t keep them in range

Sometimes, it\'s not about what you want maybe
It\'s about what you need
I heard \"hold on the rope\", and when you reach it\'s end
tie a knot. And if you tired of holding,
wrap yourself round it or anything you can,
\"But don\'t give up\".