In the village of Ikutha Eastern region of kenya, there existed a very wealthy lady called Katilo.Her enormous wealth had surprised many people as could not trace where it all came from.One sunny morning. Ms Katilo was heading Bazile bank to make some withdrawals. At the entrance there was a poor beggar Mr kwetu, who had spent all his life begging from well wishers. As Katilo entered the bank she pitifully and canningly stared at Mr kwetu, who all this time was taking a nap this made her filled with ‘compassion’ n she dropped a written note on the bowl wch the beggar used to keep his collections.This note was to change Mr kwetu\'s life completely \"someday i will come to collect my due. Nothing in this world goes unpaid she slowly whispered to Mr kwetu, who was deeply asleep. Immediately she entered the bank when Mr kwetu woke up from his sleep and found the note and his face shimmered with happiness. It was a bank check of alot cash untill Mr kwetu thot he was still in his dreamland.