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Web design

                                            WEB DESIGN KENYA

To discuss about web design in Kenya, it is important to first understand the meaning of web design. Web design as the name suggests, is the creation of websites. Web design includes the appearance, layout and at times the content of the website. The appearance may include color and font. On the other hand, layout refers to how the information has been displayed and categorized.

In the past few years, the Information Technology sector has recorded a tremendous growth. This in turn has led to the growth of web design since many companies that utilizes the web technology have been set up. With the rise of the number of industries, web designers in Kenya have been kept busy with trying to cope up with the web users’ demands.

Currently, most companies carry out business activities such as buying and selling of the firm’s products online. Web designers therefore find it necessary to ensure simplicity of the web to give the users an easy experience with the sites. For this to be achieved, web designers adopt the new web technology.

With the trend of the Kenyan economy, it is clear that in the next few years almost all transactions will be carried out online. So basically, websites are the future of businesses in Kenya.

A large population in Kenya are internet users hence web design has played a big role in ensuring that web users buy goods and acquire services without necessarily going to shops or malls. Due to this, web design and hosting companies in Kenya have seen to it that small companies do not waste time in creation and launching of the web.

There are some factors to be considered when getting the website done. The main factor is the primary purpose of the website. The purpose would determine whether the website would be selling goods and services, the type of information to be shared and whether the website would be a source of income to the owner.

Responsive web design has several benefits. They include: improved user experience, increase in mobile traffic, faster web development, easier maintenance and simpler web analytics. It is important to choose a company that understands your logo and even your color schemes when looking for a company to develop your website. A company that is willing to guide you until the website is fully developed and launched.

Web design has developed rapidly in Kenya since most web developers have adopted the new web technology. This has ensured faster and easier transactions between the companies and the web users. With the new web technology, companies find it less difficult to grow.

In conclusion, website is a critical component in an organization.



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