• 2020-10-19 16:11:35
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I know I never wronged anyone.It wasn\'t my fault.She was rapped and I am the result of rape.That\'s how she became a mother.

At school ,my friends keep talking of their dads.My heart bleeds considering I don\'t have one.Because if I had a Dad,I would keep praying to God to keep him and make him a source of joy in our family.

I yearn to scream so loud when I see him come from work in the evening.With some shopping bags containing what I asked for last night.

I yearn to be held in the air by him.asking how my day was.

Daddy wherever you are,please show up.My friends keep asking where you went to and I luck answers to give them.

If I had a Dad,I would love him immensly.immediatens.ly


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