SwiftMart Enterprises Kenya

Trivia and Blogging Digital Marketing Agency

At SwiftMart we provide chances for our users to Earn more by Paying through blogs and Trivia

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Earn Through Trivia Questions

We have free Daily trivia Questions for our users, Earn upto Ksh 2000 from trivia questions

Earn Through Blogging

Earn From Blogging, Write an Article or a Story and Earn Money upto Ksh 3000. Best Blogs are awarded Weekly

Earn Through referrals

Earn through referring other users to our site in levels

Free joining spins,Ebooks etc

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Who We Are

We Are Supporting All Kind Of Online Services Since 2020

We Are an online company with the aimof providing as many digital products as possible to our clients including Trivia questions site, Blogging services,Free Ebook, Free spins and many more. We will be introducing other Featureas like Advertising and other products to our client

Our Pricing

Suitable And Nice Pricing Plan With Our Top Services

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  • LifeTime Plan


Ksh 500

One Time Fee

  • Limited Trips
  • Available Trips History
  • 1 Offer Per Month
  • No Free Trip
  • Membership Card
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Custom Services
  • Money Return

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